Glendalough Search(24/08/10)

Yesterday, Tuesday 24th August at 7.30pm the Mountain Rescue services were alerted to a possible distress call in the Glendalough Valley.

Walkers had heard what sounded like distress calls from the slopes above the Miner’s village – a location from which there have been several incidents in the last few weeks.  Mountain Rescue personnel themselves were walking in the area, and felt that they had heard the same or similar calls.

Personnel from the Glen of Imaal and the Dublin/Wicklow Mountain rescue Teams attended the scene, searched the area above the Miner’s Village and attempted to locate any person in trouble with calls and whistles.  The Coastguard helicopter was requested to scan the cliffs using their Infra-red detector and searchlights, but nothing was found by any of the search parties.  The ‘stand down’ was issued at 10.30 pm.