Rescue Glendalough(21/08/10)

Wicklows Mountain Rescue Services comprised of the Dublin & Wicklow and Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Teams were this afternoon asked to assist a climber who had fallen from an area known as the ‘main face’ in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow.  This particular rock face allows for both single and multi-pitch climbing at a variety of ‘grades’ or levels of difficulty, and is popular with national and international climbers visiting the area.

The climber, a male in his 50’s from Carlow, fell a distance before his safety rope stopped his descent.  The arrest of his fall is believed to have led to his coming into abrupt contact with the rockface, during which time he sustained an ankle injury.  The climber carried out what is known as a ‘self rescue’ and lowered himself to the bottom of the rock face.  He
subsequently made his way down to the valley floor onto a path known as the Miners Track.  A Wicklow Mountains National Park Service vehicle was used to transport the man for treatment of his injuries by Mountain Rescue

The mans injuries are not reported to have been serious.