Search for Missing Hillwalker (14/09/08)

Today, Sunday 14th September 2008, The Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team and Dublin/Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team were called to duty twice in what proved to be a busy day for Mountain Rescue in Wicklow.

The teams received the first call at approximately 14:30 to assist a mountain bike competitor during a major MTB Event in Ballinastoe (near Roundwood), Co. Wicklow.

The casualty (male, 30’s) lost control of his mountain bike and crashed at high speed in very muddy conditions. He was treated for suspected spinal injuries at the scene and transported by stretcher to an awaiting ERHA ambulance and transferred to hospital.

Mountain Rescue personnel were stood down at 15:55, only to receive another call for assistance at 18:10.

A hill-walker disorientated whilst climbing Lugnaquillia and subsequently lost his way. He dialed 999 for Mountain Rescue to come to his aid. Unfortunately communications were lost when the man’s phone went dead.

Search and rescue parties from The Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team and Dublin/Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team battled very poor weather conditions for over 5 hours. He was found in the remote Ow Valley side of Lugnaquillia near Aughavannagh, Co. Wicklow.

Wicklow Mountain Rescue Teams thank all agencies involved.