Two Rescues(21/01/12)

Two short mountain rescue incidents occured in Co Wicklow recently:

Saturday, 21st Jan 2012, a lady required assistance when she gashed her knee while walking in Glendalough.  At about midday, the woman sought assistance, and a small party of mountain rescue personnel were able to reach the walker, treat her injury and transport her to safety.

Last Sunday, 15th Jan 2012, at 11.00am, a 25-year old woman fell while running around the Spinc trail.  She was assisted by her friends until reached by mountain rescue personnel who were then able to stretcher her approx 1 km down the Miner’s Village.  She was then transported to Glendalough village where she was carried by ambulance to hospital.

Thanks to all who attended, including members of SARDA (Search and Rescue Dogs Assoc) Ireland who were training in the area and provided help with the stretcher-carry.