Lug Search(30/10/11)

Early this morning, B/Hol Mon, at 12.30am the Mountain Rescue Teams in Wicklow helped 3 walkers back to safety.  A father and his two young sons had become disoriented in very poor visibility whilst descending from the summit of Lugnaquillia.  They were attempting to reach the Glen of Imaal, but instead veered down the wrong ridgeline and found themselves near Corrigasleggaun, at an area known locally as ‘Doyle Street’.

Unable to descend any further due to dense forestry, failing light and poor visibility they called the Rescue services and stayed put near the trees.  Both the Dublin & Wicklow and the Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue teams attended and coordinated the search.

Search teams eventually located the group at 11.45pm, and the operation was completed by 1.00am with the Gardaí Síochána escorting the 3 walkers back to their transport in the Glen of Imaal.  The boys had a Hallowe’en to remember and all three expressed their thanks to all involved in helping them get down safely.