Spinc Rescue(08/01/12)

At approximately 13.30 this afternoon, Sunday 8th January 2012 , Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team and the Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team received their second call of the New Year.

A 32 year old female was out walking with a group of friends in Glendalough when she began to feel unwell. The group stopped to allow her time to recover near the top of the zig-zag path, a kilometre past the upper end of the Glendalough Lake. A doctor, who was part of the group, assessed the casualty and quickly determined that her condition was potentially serious and that she would require urgent medical attention. The group initiated a call to Mountain Rescue by dialling 999 and giving their location and a description of the situation.

Both teams responded instantly and reached the casualty’s location soon after the call to 999 was made. Mountain rescue medics, along with the doctor already at the scene, treated the lady, prepared her for transport and put her into the stretcher which had been carried up to the location. The lady was then carried down the steep path by the volunteers as far as the upper lake. At that point the casualty was handed over to the care of the waiting HSE ambulance crew who transported her to hospital. Both teams were stood down at 15.10 after a successful operation