Spinc Rescue(24/03/12)

This evening, Saturday 24th March, at approx 5.30pm, an 11-year old from Dublin fell and badly gashed his knee.  He was walking on the ‘Spinc’ route above the cliffs in Glendalough with his father at the time.  His father carried him as best as he could some of the way down and then sought help from the rescue services.

Local members of Wicklow’s Mountain Rescue team made their way to the scene to attend to the boy’s wounds and to bring him to safety. Some team members were at the soon-to-be-operational Mountain Rescue Base in Trooperstown Woods near Laragh at the time of the accident.
Thank you to all those personnel who attended the operation, which concluded successfully at 7pm, when the young man was taken to hospital by the ambulance service.