Rescues Glendalough(14/04/10)

Today, Saturday the 14th August 2010, Mountain Rescue responded to two emergency situations in Glendalough.  The first involved a man from Bray who became crag-fast at about 1.30pm while scrambling through the scree slopes above the Miner’s village at the head of Glendalough valley with his 20yr-old son.

The call came through the man’s wife who alerted the National Park staff and the emergency services.

Both Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team and Dublin/Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team attended the scene.  A Technical Rope Rescue system was put in place above the man, and a rescuer was lowered to secure the gentleman.  Unable to move, the man in his 50’s may have fallen to severe injury without the intervention of the rescue service.

Once secured the climber raised to place of relative safety, from where five rescuers were able to shepherd him back through the scree to the valley floor.  Everyone was safely down by 4.30pm.

While returning from the first incident Mountain Rescue personnel came across another father and son in need of assistance.  The son was being carried by his father following an ankle injury.  He was treated and they were brought out to the Upper Lake car park by the emergency services.