Team on double standby (27/04/08)

At approx 17.30hrs today, Glen of Immal MR Team and Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team were put on full team call-out for five males who had got into difficulty above ST Kevins bed in Glendalough this evening. The situation quickly resloved itself and thankfully both teams were stood down by 18.00 hrs.

Later on this evening at 20.30hrs the teams were again put on stand by again, for a callout in  Glen of Immal, Co. Wicklow. After  telephone contact was made with the two missing females to confirm the location both teams were stood down at 21.15hrs approx. The two ladies who were un-injured, were escorted off the mountain by Army wardens who were in the area.

Some information for the May bank holiday weekend

As the long weekend fast approaches,we would like to remind people who are taking part in any outdoor activities, to do so making sure they pay particular attention to the health and safety aspect associated with the event or activity you plan on doing.

  • Remember tell someone were you are going and what time you expect to be back at.
  • Have the correct equipment for the activity you are taking part in.
  • If going hill walking, try to leave a route card and bring enough food, water and proper clothes for the weather you expect to encounter.
  • Have mobile phones charged and credit for calls topped up.
  • If possible have a map and compass of the area and know how to use them.

Any other information can be got from team web sites.

Remember enjoy yourself and know your limits.