Call Out 20: Maulin Rescue 12/3/17

At 11:25 on Sunday, March 12th An Garda Síochána tasked the Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team and Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue to assist a male hillwalker on Maulin. The man was walking with a friend when he sustained a lower leg injury. Mountain rescue personnel accessed the man’s location, and then assessed and treated his injury.
Due to the nature of the injury, a decision was made to request air support. As Rescue 116 was already assisting with an ongoing callout in Moneystown, Rescue 117 was tasked from Waterford. In the meantime, a stretcher evacuation commenced. Rescue 117 remained on standby until an MR doctor assessed the man’s injury and confirmed that an ambulance transfer to hospital was sufficient.

MR would like to thank the HSE National Ambulance Service (NAS), Wicklow Rapid Response, and Irish Coast Guard Rescue 117 for their assistance.