Call Out 12: Cullentragh Rescue 27/03/16

At approximately 14.00hrs on Sunday 27th of March both the Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team and Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team were tasked to come to the aid of a hill walker who had suffered a lower leg injury while out walking with two of her friends on Cullentragh.

Mountain Rescue established Rescue Base near the Shay Elliot monument and from there sent in MR personnel to where the woman in her early 60’s, had been injured. Once she had received treatment from MR Medics she was stretched to a waiting MR Landrover, which then transported and handed her over to a HSE Ambulance. From this point she was brought to hospital for definitive care.

Mountain Rescue would like to thank all agencies involved including: HSE Ambulance Service and Coast Guard Helicopter 116 which was on stand by.