Glencree Search 08/09/14

  • At approximately 20.53hrs on Monday 8th September both the Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team and the Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team were tasked by An Garda Siochana to search for a mountain biker who had become lost in woods in the Glencree Valley. The Man aged 34 was able to give very accurate descriptions of his route but having no map to hand had become disorientated in thick forest. SARLOC was tried but mobile phone reception was not strong enough for this system to work. Mountain Rescue sent three 4×4 vehicles to search the forest areas of the Glencree Valley. Using blue lights and whistles they quickly established a location for the missing man in Cloon Forest. By continuing to use whistles and mobile phones they were able to link up in the forest. The man was uninjured and in good form. Mountain Rescue gave him a lift to safety!
  • Mountain Rescue would like to thank all agencies involved.