Spinc Rescue(07/10/11)

Today Friday the 7th October 2011, at 1.30pm mountain rescue teams were called out to Glendalough to assist an injured hillwalker.  A 24yr old Brazilian woman living and working in Dublin fell while walking the ‘Spinc’ route above the 300m cliffs in Glendalough.   She was walking with a companion when she tripped and gashed her knee quite deeply.  She was at the furthest point on the loop trail near the west end of the boardwalk in the Glenealo valley.

The Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team and the Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team both attended the scene and stretchered the injured woman 2km down the rough trail to the Miner’s village on the western end of the Glendalough valley where the Eastern Health Board had an ambulance waiting to take her to hospital for further treatment.

The first rescuers arrived on scene at 2.10pm and she was transferred to the ambulance at 5.30pm.  The operation was concluded successfully and both teams express their thanks to all those who assisted, including the Wicklow Mts Nat. Park staff.