Call Out 46: Little Sugarloaf Rescue 24/07/16

At approximately 20:15hrs on Sunday, July 24th, both the Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team and the Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team were tasked by an Garda Síochána to assist a man on the Little Sugar Loaf. The man had been walking with his dog near the summit when he fell, sustaining a lower leg injury.

Mountain Rescue medics quickly located the man, assessed, and treated his injury. He was then packaged into a stretcher for evacuation from the hill. Steep ground during the early stages of the evacuation required the use of ropes to provide extra protection for the stretcher. The casualty’s dog escorted the stretcher party for the duration of the evacuation, until the casualty was transferred into a waiting ambulance. The dog was handed over to a friend of the walker.

Mountain Rescue would like to thank all agencies involved including: The HSE National Ambulance Service. Thanks also to Kilruddery Estate for providing local knowledge that helped to plan the quickest access and egress routes. The incident was stood down at 22:18hrs.