Lough Bray Rescue 18/04/14

On Good Friday 18/04/14 at approx 16.18hrs both the Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team and the Dublin and Wicklow Mountain Rescue were tasked by the HSE to come to the aid of two men, who had been paragliding near Lough Bray Lower and had suffered a collision. A HSE ambulance was also tasked. Having made their way to the scene Mountain Rescue personnel assisted HSE paramedics in the treatment of the two paragliders.

  • One of the paragliders suffered serious injuries and was the first to be airlifted by Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 117. The remaining paraglider whose injuries, while not as serious were still of concern, was also airlifted. Both men were transported to hospital for definitive care.The Rescue Teams were stood down at 7.03pm
  • Mountain Rescue would like to thank all agencies involved including: Irish Coast Guard, An Garda Siochana & HSE Ambulance Service.