Spinc Rescue(02/05/11)

This evening Monday 2nd May 2011 at 6pm, Mountain rescue teams were called out to assist an injured hillwalker in Glendalough i the Wicklow Mts National Park.  A  Polish lady in her 50’s had stumbled and fell while descending a rocky section of the Spinc route called the ‘Zig-zags’.  Having injured her lower left leg she was effectively immobilised.  Located 600m above the old Miner’s Village at the west end of the Upper Lake the injured lady needed a stretcher carry-out to reach the awaiting ambulance.  Both the Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mt Rescue Team and Dublin/Wicklow Mt Rescue Team attended the scene.

The carry-out lasted approx. 1 hour and the injured hillwalker was brought to the Eastern Health Board ambulance.  The operation was completed with everyone back off the hill by 7.30pm.

Both Mountain Rescue teams would like to thank all those who attended and provided assistance with this incident.