Sally Gap Evac(02/12/10)

Ongoing incident: Tonight, 2nd Dec 2010, Wicklow’s Mountain Rescue teams are trying to reach five young men who attempted today to reach the Sally Gap from the north.  It seems that one of the two vehicles became trapped a little before dark at around 4pm, whereupon, the occupants called their friends to come to their assistance.  Their friends’ vehicle also became stuck and they called out the Mountain Rescue service.
Both the Glen of Imaal Red Cross MRT and the Dublin / Wicklow MRT are en route to see if they can reach the vehicles and the occupants.  As temperatures are plummeting and the snow is freezing to ice, it’s not certain how difficult the operation will be.
The Mountain Rescue services urge all motorists to assess the necessity and dangers of any journey, particularly during the present conditions in the Wicklow Mountains.
This evening at 11.40pm rescuers reached the 5 young men whose two SUV’s had both become trapped in snow drifts near Lough Bray on the north side of the Sally Gap.  Mountain Rescue reached a point 300m short of the group and the young men were able to walk down the last section.

They are safe and well and are being transported to Enniskerry, where they have lifts awaiting.
Both the Glen of Imaal Red Cross MRT and Dublin/Wicklow MRT urge motorists to assess the necessity of making difficult journeys anywhere near the mountains at this time.