Crag Rescue(03/07/10)

At 4.30pm on the 3rd  July, a rock climber exploring a new route on the 1500ft Benleagh cliffs, fell and injured his back.  The Mountain Rescue crag team that climbed to his position suspect a pelvic injury following his fall.

The Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Crag team reached the site of the accident at approximately 6pm and proceeded to secure the 29 year old man and his climbing partners.  All were in good spirits, but the injured party was in considerable pain.

Thankfully the weather remained clear and allowed for the Irish Coastguard Helicopter to lower a winchman and stretcher down into the gully.  The helicopter pilot deserves high praise in calmly hovering the Sikorsky dramatically close to the rockface during the operation.

Once the hurt rockclimber was splinted and strapped into the stretcher with the winchman, the helicopter returned to lift them away from the steep gully near the top of the cliffs.

By 9.30 pm the operation was successfully completed, with all parties off the mountain and the injured climber airlifted to hospital.