Call Out 53: Black Hill Rescue 19/09/15


Shortly before 16.00hrs on Saturday the 19th of September a young hiker sustained a lower leg injury while out walking with a group on Black Hill. Mountain Rescue Personnel who were at the scene were able to give initial treatment.


Both the Glen Of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team and the Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team were running different training events in Wicklow when the incident was reported and a limited response was sent in quickly to help the casualty. Local Gardai were also informed about the operation and the HSE were also tasked to send an ambulance to support the call.


Team members arranged to meet at the Black Hill car park near Lacken before being transported a short distance up the hill by landrover. The unlucky young hiker was given great care with an Advanced Paramedic and a few EMTs on scene. He was carefully packaged in the stretcher and carried the short distance to the team vehicle which brought him down to the car park and the waiting ambulance. After a quick check he was then transported to hospital for definitive care and the incident was stood down at 17.30hrs