Spink Rescue (11/10/09)

At approximately 4pm today, Sunday 11th October, Wicklows mountain rescue teams received a call from Garda command and control to respond to Glendalough in Co. Wicklow to attend to a lower leg injury.

An 11 year old female had sustained a fall while on a group outing with the Meath Scout County. Rescuers responded immediately to the miners village in Glendalough and dispatched a first response team to the girls location on the Spink Mountain. This first response team carried with them specialist medical and transport equipment.

The girl was initially attended to by a doctor who had been passing by the accident location before rescuers arrived, and teams were subsequently assisted by an ambulance service officer who remained onscene throughout the incident to help attend to the casualty.

After the initial assessment of the girls injury, the rescue teams immediately requested the assistance of the Irish Coastguard in the form of their Dublin Airport based rescue helicopter.

While rescuers were attending to the first casualty they were told that another scout had sustained a lower leg injury which subsequently resulted in a stretcher carry-out to a waiting ambulance.