Team Assessment 2014

  • On Saturday the 18th of October the Glen of Imaal Red Cross mountain Rescue Team underwent our team assessment to insure we are fit for purpose. The two assessors for the weekend were Gerry Christy from Kerry Mountain Rescue, current Training Officer of KMRT  and Seymour Haugh from Mountain Rescue Scotland , current Team Leader of Borders Search and Rescue Team.
  • The process is part of being a member of Mountain Rescue Ireland and ensures all the Irish Teams are fit for purpose. This is done by looking at the Team’s administrative and operational history and current practices. There is then a full exercise on the second day. The Team  go through a scenario which replicates the type of call outs they deal with on a regular basis.
  • Both the assessors were happy with what they saw on the day and although we are awaiting the official report they confirmed that they had no hesitation in declaring the Glen Team fit for purpose.Glen Team Folder