Crag Rescue(20/05/10)

Wicklows Mountain Rescue Teams were alerted by the Gardaí and asked to assist two Polish nationals who had become cragfast in the Kevins Bed area of Glendalough.  The two men had managed to cross some particularly dangerous ground but eventually became stuck, unable to move any further and also unable to retreat from their predicament.

Members of the Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue and Dublin & Wicklow teams used ropes to descend approximately 200 meters to the mens location from the ‘boardwalk’, a manmade pathway above the upper lake cliffs in Glendalough.  The two men were assisted down to the lakeshore below and from here they were evacuated using the Wicklow Mountains National Park & Wildlife Service boat.

Both men were thankfully uninjured.  The rescue teams ended the operation just after 10:30pm last night.

The rescue teams would like to remind visitors to the park to pay careful attention to signs warning of the dangers in entering the St. Kevins Bed area, and to ensure they’re suitably equipped and experienced.