3 Rescued From Lug (13/04/09)

Three¬† hillwalkers who strayed into the ‘Impact Zone’ in the Glen of Imaal Artillery Range in bad weather with poor visibility were located by Mountain Rescue and Defence Forces personnel earler this afternoon.¬† The walkers, a man and two women in their 30’s were reported to be a little cold, but in good spirits and without injury. Mountain rescue personnel, escorted by Defence forces personnel, guided the three walkers out of the danger area which flanks Lugnaquilla, the highest mountain in Wicklow, and the rescue teams were stood down from this operation.

On Saturday the Mountain Rescue Teams were called to the assistance of a missing scout near Powerscourt Waterfall. The 12yr old youth had become separated from his group while out walking. Thankfully the scout was reunited with his group shortly afterwards.

The teams would like to thank all agencies involved in this successful search and rescue operation: