Call Out 30: Spinc Rescue 28/06/15


A member of DW Mountain Rescue team was walking on the Spinc when he came across a man who was helping his injured son down the track and needed assistance. An emergency call was made and at about 14.30 the Gardaí tasked the Glen Of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team and Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team to help the injured boy.

The 14yr old boy had been walking the Spinc Boardwalk with his Dad when he fell and injured his knee. The boy was treated on scene and transported by MR personnel who stretchered him down to the main forest tracks. The pair were then taken by Landrover back to the upper lake car park from where they were able to make their own way to further care.

A busy day ahead looked likely, this incident was stood down at 15.30 just as another call was coming in!

Thank you to all who responded.