Call Out 11: Tonduff Rescue 18/02/15

At approximately 15.10hrs on February 18th the Glen Of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team and the Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team were tasked by An Garda Siochanna to come to the  assistance of a man who had injured his shoulder while walking in Wicklow. 

The man had been descending Tonduff with a group when he dislocated his shoulder and was unable to continue. Several parties were sent in with rescue gear after Rescue Base was set up at Crone car park. The Coastguard helicopter was initially unavailable as it was committed to a rescue in the Mourne Mountains. As the incident was almost 2km from tracks rescue parties were still en route to the scene when Rescue 116 redeployed to assist with the Wicklow operation. After lowering the winchman the Heli then collected some rescue personnel to assist with the casualty. Mountain Rescue personnel assisted with packaging the injured man before he was airlifted and evacuated for additional care. 

The last of the walking group were then escorted off the hill to waiting land rovers. The incident was stood down at approx 17.30hrs. 

Mountain Rescue would like to thank all agencies involved including: Irish Coast Guard