Charlie Froud Foundation Ball and Charily Auction

  • Our Team Leader Ann Fitzpatrick and 4 fellow team members attended the 4th annual Charlie Froud Foundation Ball and Charity Auction in Bristol on Saturday 9th of November.
  • Charlie, a 14year old boy tragically died in a light air crash accident in the Wicklow Mountains in 2008 along with his friend Ayman Booz and his parents Shariff and Margaret Booz. The Glen of Imaal Red Cross MRT and their colleagues in the Dublin & Wicklow MRT as well as other MRI teams mounted a search effort which ended in the recovery of the victims of this tragic accident. David, Heather and Georgia Froud have turned their personal tragedy into a positive effort to fundraise for the organisations that helped on that day in 2008 along with Charlie’s school and a children’s hospice in their local area. The Froud Foundation have a strong link and friendship with the Glen Team and have been significant donors to our new Base in Laragh. Our team gratefully accepted a donation for £5000 last Saturday night which will go toward provision of a drying room in the rescue base. This will be an essential addition to our current provision as it will allow adequate drying and protection of expensive equipment which is important in improving it’s effective lifespan.
  • Follow the Froud’s on they’re wonderful adventures by clicking on:
  • They have plans for wacky races coming to Ireland in May 2014 so keep an eye out for these upcoming events!
  • Best wishes and warm thoughts to all in the Froud Foundation, we hope to see you in Ireland again soon!

Moonlight Challenge 2013 Run Results

  • 1 Kevin O’Brien 1:55:49
  • 2 Alan Ayling 1:59:44
  • 3 John Dempsey 2:02:58
  • 4 Stephen Perry 2:02:59
  • 5 Torben Dahl 2:09:10
  • 6 Seamus Harding 2:11:02
  • 7 Ambrose Flynn 2:11:16
  • 8 Vincent Astier 2:11:16
  • 9 Caroline Reid 2:12:58
  • 10 Bill Stanley 2:13:59
  • 11 John Finn 2:14:24
  • 12 Aidan Donoghue 2:14:24
  • 13 Ray Caulfield 2:16:23
  • 14 Philip Brennan 2:18:14
  • 15 Fabian Flood 2:19:13
  • 16 James Murphy 2:19:31
  • 17 Ivan Murphy 2:19:31
  • 18 Andy Minshull 2:25:17
  • 19 Niall Calder 2:26:43
  • 20 Alan Shealy 2:26:44
  • 21 Sebastian Stock 2:26:58
  • 22 Lar Griffin 2:30:27
  • 23 Stephen Griffin 2:30:29
  • 24 Brian Kehoe 2:32:36
  • 25 Gary Cullen 2:33:56
  • 26 Eamonn Linehan 2:36:43
  • 27 Pat Dargan 2:39:12
  • 28 Shane Liddy 2:42:12
  • 29 Dermot O’Brien 2:47:21
  • 30 Sinead Rickerby 2:48:58
  • 31 Laura Brennan 2:48:58
  • 32 Ciaran Doyle 2:56:59
  • 33 Annraoi Campbell 2:59:44
  • 34 Anne Rush 3:00:34
  • 35 Rory Cambell 3:00:34
  • 36 Lillian Deegan 3:08:28
  • 37 Geraldine Murphy 3:09:32
  • 38 Rose McMorrow 3:09:33
  • 39 Nick Ashe 3:24:01
  • 40 Shane O’Sullivan 3:34:02
  • 41 Alister Yarrow 3:31:52
  • 42 Nick Breen 3:31:53
  • 43 Paul Purcell 3:42:29

Mountain Rescue Call Out 100

On Saturday 9th of November the Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team
and the Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team attended a call on
Lugnaquilla Mountain in Co. Wicklow, their 100th call out this year. This call out
marked a significant occasion for both teams as we are the first mountain
rescue teams on the Island of Ireland to carry out 100 operations in one calendar
Callout 99 and 100 happened simultaneously yesterday evening at approx 17.30.
An Gards Siochana tasked Wicklow’s Mountain Rescue Teams to search for two
missing female walkers who became separated from their main group while
descending Lugnaquilla.
After a short search the two woman where located and escorted to safety in
Callout 100 was for a missing walker who became disorientated in deteriorating
weather conditions and poor light.
The missing walker was located using technology designed for Mountain Rescue,
SARLOC. This helped to locate the man and a hasty party was deployed
to the OW valley where they located him on steep ground.
He was treated for mild hypothermia on scene and then transported to safety in a
MR 4×4 vehicle.
This number represents a near doubling of the amount of call outs seen in 2012,
over 30 calls more than our previous busiest year, over four thousand voluntary
man-hours and 2013 is not over yet. The teams have seen incidents ranging from
vehicles and their passengers caught in snow and ice conditions in Wicklow’s
remotest areas to lost walkers in poor weather conditions, from injured mountain
bikers to assisting other MR teams, as in the recent large search operation for a
missing walker in the west of Ireland. 192 people have been assisted and there
were 6 fatalities.
This unprecedented volume of calls has exposed the team to varied medical
scenarios which have all been dealt with in a highly professional manner in
sometimes very difficult environmental circumstances. The teams, this year to
date, have dealt with injuries ranging from lower leg injuries to cardiac arrests
and from serious spinal injuries to self harm.
Having completed our 100th call out this year The Glen of Imaal Red Cross
Mountain Rescue Team and Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team would like
to take this opportunity to thank all our members for their commitment, their
families for their support, and to all the agencies we work with for their ongoing
• An Garda Síochána
• Irish Coast Guard
• Health Services Executive (HSE) Ambulance Service
• Search and Rescue Dogs Association
• Defence Forces
• National Parks & Wildlife Service
• Coillte
• Civil Defence
• Other MR Teams
Finally we would like to thank all the members of the public and the walking and climbing communities, who without their constant financial support, we would be unable to operate.

Glen Team Assist Mayo MR 02/11/2013

  • Search for missing hill-walker. 02/11/2013
  • Mayo Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) and An Garda Síochána co-ordinated a large scale, multi day, multi-agency search for a missing hill-walker on Connacht’s highest mountain Mweelrea. Along with family, friends, local farmers, National Park Staff, fellow members of his walking club (Irish Mountaineering Club) and members of the general hill-walking community assisted with the search over several days.
  • As part of the escalation process Mayo MRT requested assistance from the rest of the Irish Mountain Rescue Teams across the country and the Irish Cave Rescue Organisation (ICRO) to assist with the search. 
  • As the teams from all over the country headed to Co Mayo, assistance was given by the Irish Air Corp who aided in the night time transportation of members of the South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association by helicopter from Waterford airport into the area.
  • Search and Rescue Dogs Association (SARDA) and members of the Garda Dog Unit were also deployed.
  • 6 members of Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team (CVSRT) travelled from North Yorkshire to aid in the search. To maximise their stay and time available to search, CVSRT flew into Knock Airport early Saturday morning and arranged to get the Stena Line Ferries from Dublin Port back late on Sunday evening. On hearing the reason for the team member’s travel, Stena Line Ferries waivered the cost and arranged to supply the searchers with two cabins for what was to be anticipated as much needed rest.
  • The Irish Coast Guard’s rescue helicopter call-sign Rescue 118 conducted a number of aerial searches over several days. Members of the local Cleggan Coast Guard Team assisted with the mountain search and Westport Coast Guard boat was tasked to search the area of Doo Lough.
  • K2 Adventure Centre supplied a boat that was utilised to help with deployment of Mountain Rescue personnel onto the mountain from Killary Harbour.
  • The Civil Defence supplied transport for the search parties to be deployed into their search areas on Saturday.
  • The local community responded and local business Castlecourt Hotel, Hotel Westport, Hudsons Pantry and Portfin Lodge who kindly donated food and supplies to aid in the overall search effort.
  • Ordnance Survey Ireland in Dublin supplied large scale map and aerial photography of Mweelrea Mountain to assist with search planning.
  • A key part for any large scale search is to have appropriate facilities to run a search base from.
  • Mountain Rescue Ireland would like to extend our appreciation to Delphi Adventure Centre who ensured that the search effort wanted for nothing. Besides housing the search base, they supplied accommodation for those who required it, provided breakfast, packed lunches and hot dinner for when the searchers returned off the mountain. Search conditions on Saturday were hampered by deteriorating weather, strong gusts, heavy rain downpours and low cloud.
  • At approximately mid-day on Saturday members of a Mayo Mountain Rescue Team search party found the body of the missing hill-walker.
  • Mountain Rescue Ireland would like to extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Mountain Rescue Ireland would like to thank the following MR Teams / Agencies / Organisations and Businesses:
Donegal Mountain Rescue Team 
Dublin-Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team
Galway Mountain Rescue Team
Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team
Kerry Mountain Rescue Team
Mayo Mountain Rescue Team
Mourne Mountain Rescue Team
North-West Mountain Rescue Team
Search and Rescue Dogs Association
South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association
Sligo/Leitrim Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team
Tramore Cliff & Mountain Rescue Association
Irish Cave Rescue Organisation
Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team

Irish Mountaineering Club
An Garda Síochána
Irish Coast Guard
Irish Air Corp
Ordnance Survey Ireland
Civil Defence 
National Park Staff

K2 Adventure Centre
Delphi Adventure Centre
Castlecourt Hotel
Hotel Westport
Hudsons Pantry
Portfin Lodge

Glen Team talk in BaseCamp, 29/10/13

  • Our Team Leader, Ann Fitzpatrick is to give a talk about the Glen Team and it’s development over the last 30 years. The venue is Basecamp Middle Abbey Street at 7.30pm on Tuesday the 29th of October. It will be a great opportunity to learn more about the our team and for those of you participating in the Moonlight Challenge it is an ideal chance to meet team members afterwards and ask any questions you may have. 
  • Basecamp have very kindly offered a 15% discount to anyone participating in the Moonlight Challenge and to anyone else attending the talk on the night.

Moonlight Challenge Walk Full

Hi all

The Moonlight Challenge Walking Route is now Closed. We hope not too many of you will be disappointed by this! You can still add your team to the walking waiting list at

However the Moonlight Challenge Run is still open for registration so keep those names coming in while places still remain!

Review of 2012

For the Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team, 2012 has been one of our more exciting with the official opening of the Mountain Rescue Base in Trooperstown Woods near Laragh, Co Wicklow.  It was something of a relief to the team, then, during all the preparations and planning to find that numbers of incidents appeared to have eased slightly.  Reasons aren’t clear why the statistics show a decrease, but it is most likely a mix of factors – less snow and ice possibly, combined with an apparent reduction in numbers going onto the hills.

In total, the figures show 51 incidents or ‘callouts’ where a member of the public dialled 999 or 112 and asked for assistance.  65 people were helped and only 2 out of the 51 incidents were false alarms – neither malicious, merely mistaken.  10% (5) involved groups or individuals becoming disoriented on Lugnaquillia and wandering in or near the Army Artillery range.  The weather in the form of flood or snow played a smaller role during 2012 with only 1 snow-related incident and 2 flood-related.  Tragically, one of the flood incidents resulted in the death of man when he was swept down the Avonmore near ‘The-Meetings-of-the-Waters’.

By far the largest portion of the team’s activities (20 incidents or 38%) involved stretcher-carrying injured walkers, where a stumble or fall resulted in a lower-leg injury, sprain, strain, dislocation or break.

The Glen Team would like to take this chance to wish everyone a safe and happy 2013, and to encourage all members of the public taking to the hills to prepare themselves adequately for whatever challenges they take on.  We’d also like to express our heartfelt sympathy to those people who’ve lost members of their families through tragedy during 2012 and over the years.

The very best to everyone on the hills in 2013 – Happy New Year!

Hugh McLindon, PRO
Glen of Imaal Red Cross MRT