Rescue 116

We are shocked and saddened by the loss of Rescue 116 and its crew. On a day that celebrates what it is to be Irish, our thoughts are with the families, friends, and colleagues of Captain Dara Fitzpatrick, Captain Mark Duffy, winchman CiarĂ¡n Smith, and winch operator Paul Ormsby. We should take a moment to think of the countless lives that these four remarkable people have touched.

Our rescue work regularly brings us into contact with Irish Coast Guard search and rescue (SAR) helicopters, and in particular Rescue 116. The dedication, skill, and bravery shown by the crews of our SAR helicopters is evident every time we work or train with them. As we remember the crew aboard Rescue 116 last Tuesday morning, we also thank all those who fly, sometimes into the unknown, to help those in need.